Ofc. Carl Grubb (Nebraska II Member) was recently recognized by Bellevue Police Chief Mark Elbert at the Bellevue Police Annual Awards Banquet, receiving a Certificate of Excellence. Carl goes above and beyond the call of duty and exemplifies his devotion to his department, family, and community. Carl has braved the cold air locked in a outside makeshift jail and ran into a frozen lake willingly, all in support of the Nebraska Special Olympics. He was named the Knights of Columbus Council 6192, Blue Coat Police Officer of the Year for 2015.IMG_0270

Carl continues to excel in all he does in supporting his department, family, community and being an active member with NEII. This, all while continuing his education towards a Masters Degree in Emergency Management.

All members of NEII salute Ofc. Carl Grubb!  You reflect great credit on yourself, your family, your Department and the Blue Knight’s® Brotherhood.12249817_983023401759543_8800180392711217948_n

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