Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska II rolled into Keokuk, Iowa on June 9, 2016 to support Iowa VI for the Spring Conference. With a total of 15 members and 2 Lady Knights, Nebraska II brought home the award for most members in attendance!

IMG_1240But the awards didn’t stop there. The Iowa Sixers challenged Nebraska II to a food eating contest! This contest took place at Dr. Getwell’s with the world famous heart attack challenge! The Sixers pitted their two best against the Deuce’s own, President Paul Briese and Jeff “Yeti” Longwell! If there was ever a sucker bet this was it! In no time at all Paul and Yeti had their plates clean, besting the challengers with minutes left on the clock! Although the champions appeared in good health, an evaluation the next morning showed that the fine food was still sitting proudly in their upper stomach!full-blue_knights_lemc_nebraska_8921dc15-5c27-4c9a-9a27-aa5de007e2c4



Five Nebraska II members were presented with the Mid-West Regional Conference Chivalry Award. This award is presented to members that went above and beyond the call, which could be both on and off-duty.  In this case the 5 Nebraska II members were off-duty en-route to Sturgis during August 2015.  These members along with an Iowa Sixer and 4 IN X members witnessed a major accident involving a motorcycle rider and his passenger.  Their efforts saved the life of the rider and helped the passenger with her non-life threatening injuries. This accident demonstrated how Blue Knights® from different chapters traveling in separate groups came together as a team and showed the community and those involved in the accident just how the brotherhood works together!


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