The Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II participated in the Season Home Game Opener at the Ralston Arena on April 15, 2016. Treasurer Bobby Clark and Member Carl Grubb transported two members of the Omaha Hearts to center field during the Opening Ceremony. Member Billy “The Iceman” Milam followed up by presenting the Colors during the National Anthem. Events such as these are good public relation opportunities and bring the spot light onto our organization. During the event numerous community members came up to members to ask them about the Blue Knights, ie who are we, what do we do, and who do we represent! These are great chances to inform the community of our goals and who we represent.  Its because of events like this that we are able to bring in donations from folks that otherwise would have no knowledge of our organization!  It is also a chance for our membership to shine and let the public know that the Blue Knights are definitely “The Good Guys”!

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