OMAHA STORM CHASER14Sometimes events are all about public relations and building partnerships with local organizations. Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II took to the baseball field with the Omaha Storm Chasers to let the crowd and the local community know what the Blue Knights are all about.  President Paul Briese, Treasurer Bobby Clark, Sgt at Arm Matt Austin, and Webmaster/Public Affairs Jacob Bettin rode out in style making a complete lap along the warning track and stopping behind home plate.  Jacob Bettin took to the mic and introduced the crowd to the Blue Knights Organization and once Jacob was done with his speech Paul took to the pitchers mound and threw out the game opening pitch.  Although the umpire singled strike, further review of the video indicated high and inside with a top speed of 31mph. OMAHA STORM CHASER17

Letting the community know about the Blue Knights® in this fashion spreads the word quick. People in attendance let their friends know about the opening ceremonies where motorcycles rode onto the field and the positive word gets spread that the Blue Knights® are truly the good guys. OMAHA STORM CHASER15

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