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Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II Wins Big During the 2016 Spring Conference

Posted by on Jun 18, 2016

Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska II rolled into Keokuk, Iowa on June 9, 2016 to support Iowa VI for the Spring Conference. With a total of 15 members and 2 Lady Knights, Nebraska II brought home the award for most members in attendance! But the awards didn’t stop there. The Iowa Sixers challenged Nebraska II to a food eating contest! This contest took place at Dr. Getwell’s with the world famous heart attack challenge! The Sixers pitted their two best against the Deuce’s own, President Paul Briese and Jeff “Yeti” Longwell! If there was ever a sucker bet this was it! In no time at all Paul and Yeti had their plates clean, besting the challengers with minutes left on the clock! Although the champions appeared in good health, an evaluation the next morning showed that the fine food was still sitting proudly in their upper stomach!   Five Nebraska II members were presented with the Mid-West Regional Conference Chivalry Award. This award is presented to members that went above and beyond the call, which could be both on and off-duty.  In this case the 5 Nebraska II members were off-duty en-route to Sturgis during August 2015.  These members along with an Iowa Sixer and 4 IN X members witnessed a major accident involving a motorcycle rider and his passenger.  Their efforts saved the life of the rider and helped the passenger with her non-life threatening injuries. This accident demonstrated how Blue Knights® from different chapters traveling in separate groups came together as a team and showed the community and those involved in the accident just how the brotherhood...

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2016 4th Annual Big Dam River Run

Posted by on Jun 7, 2016

Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II came together to again sponsor the Big Dam River Run in support of the Madonna School for Exceptional Children.  Over 25 Knights, Lady Knights, Special Guests, and Supporters came out to support Nebraska II. With almost 100 bikes total, representing numerous Veteran MC’s and lone Wolf Riders, the run was a great success. Once we arrived at Gavin’s Point Dam all riders were treated to a great lunch with an awesome view overlooking the dam itself. Once lunch was served all in attendance gathered around for the many raffle items that were donated to the event to help raise additional funds. Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II’s very own proud supporter Senator Nicole Fox picked the winning ticket for the 50/50.  The 50/50 is a raffle where tickets are sold for a $1.00 at the end of the ticket sales the cash is totaled and the winner receives half of that amount. With $141.00 going directly to the Madonna School for Exceptional Children, the winner of the other $141.00 did not hesitate and handed over her winnings to the school as well! Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II would like to thank all those in attendance and all those that helped support this...

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Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II Supporting National Police Week Events

Posted by on May 16, 2016

The Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II came together and in different parts of the country to support National Police Week. National Police Week was designated by President John F. Kennedy to fall on the week that included May 15 each year. The Joint Resolution was approved by Congress on October 1, 1962 to have the President Designate May 15 of each year as Peace Officers Memorial Day. Each year many Law Enforcement Officers from every branch place themselves in harms way to protect the citizens of their communities.  Many of those Officer’s never return from their tour of duty and this year 123 Law Enforcement Officer’s names were added to the National Memorial in Washington D.C..  One of those names was Omaha’s own Det. Kerrie Orozco. With her name being added, several members of the Omaha Police Honor Guard which include Nebraska Chapter II Vice President Corey Clements were on hand in Washington D.C. to participate in several of the events. In Omaha several members gathered at the numerous events happening within the City. Friday members gathered with Omaha Police Officers at Omaha Headquarters and participated in the Vigil. Sunday many members rode in together to participate in the Omaha Police Memorial Service and unveiling on the two Omaha Police Officers who were Killed in the Line of Duty, Det. Kerrie Orozco and Ofc. Greg Hamill. Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska II salutes each and every Officer both past and present for their devotion to duty and their community!...

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Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II Members Continue to Shine!

Posted by on May 4, 2016

Cass County Deputy Jesse Godden and Nebraska Chapter II member was selected amongst a department of highly motivated Cass County Deputies as this Month’s Road Division Employee of the Month. Deputy Godden is currently assigned to the road patrol Division. Selection as employee of the month is a tough competition and is based on Attitude, Dependability, Punctuality, Leadership, Performance, and Communication. Congratulations Deputy Godden, your efforts to better yourself while protected and server your community reflect great credit on you and your family, your department, and of course The Blue Knights!...

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Nebraska II Donates to the Ralston Volunteer Firefighter Mike Bramhall Benefit

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016 was a beautiful day for riding and with that came a chance to help out another first responder in need. Blue Knights® Intl LEMC Nebraska Chapter II rode into Ralston at 1:00pm with members and Lady Knights to show our support for our Fire Fighter Brothers!  Volunteer Fire Fighter Mike Bramhall is battling cystic fibrosis and in need of a double lung transplant. Members from Nebraska II donated funds and enjoyed some good food while interacting with the crowd and Fire and Iron MC.  Senator Nicole Fox also showed her support for the Law Enforcement and Fire Fighter community by taking time out of her busy schedule to attend the event. Its times like this that the first responder community join forces to help one of their own in their time of need and Nebraska Chapter II springs to the...

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Blue Knights® Intl LEMC Nebraska Chapter II Opening Ceremony of the Omaha Hearts Season Home Opener

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016

The Blue Knights® Intl LEMC, Nebraska Chapter II participated in the Season Home Game Opener at the Ralston Arena on April 15, 2016. Treasurer Bobby Clark and Member Carl Grubb transported two members of the Omaha Hearts to center field during the Opening Ceremony. Member Billy “The Iceman” Milam followed up by presenting the Colors during the National Anthem. Events such as these are good public relation opportunities and bring the spot light onto our organization. During the event numerous community members came up to members to ask them about the Blue Knights, ie who are we, what do we do, and who do we represent! These are great chances to inform the community of our goals and who we represent.  Its because of events like this that we are able to bring in donations from folks that otherwise would have no knowledge of our organization!  It is also a chance for our membership to shine and let the public know that the Blue Knights are definitely “The Good...

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Blue Knights® Intl LEMC Nebraska Chapter II members take part in the Capital of Texas Police MotorCycle Chute Out

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016

Members of Blue Knights®Intl LEMC Nebraska Chapter II were recently shown some southern hospitality from March 30th thru April 2nd. NEII Treasurer Bobby Clark (OPD), NEII Safety Officer Lt. Kurt Stroeher (BPD) and NEII Member Carl Grubb (BPD) traveled to Buda, Texas to participate in the 3rd Annual Capital of Texas Police Motorcycle Chute Out. Bobby Clark participated as a judging official as Kurt Stroeher and Carl Grubb participated as riders. This was the first time Officers from Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri participated in the event and is a testament on how much this event is expanding. With 130 registered riders the competition was fierce and with most of the riders coming from southern states where riding is available throughout the year, you’d think that the northern participates didn’t stand a chance. However it wasn’t just about the competition! The first 2 days focused on training and interacting with the other agencies present. Being able to train alongside other Officers from different departments helps each rider become better and learn different skills they might not have had knowledge of. The main focus of Police Motor Officer training is not to train until you get it right, but to train until you can’t get it wrong. Each day was filled with friendship, education, training, and of course good Texas food. Days 3 and 4 moved onto the competition portion of the event! But Officers aren’t just there to compete against each other. They are also there to encourage other participants and cheer them on and challenge them to become better riders. In a sea of extremely talented riders our NEII members did not disappoint. Although no trophies were won the experience and training will last a lifetime! Blue Knights® Nebraska II would like to salute Kurt Stroeher, Carl Grubb, and Bobby Clark for not only representing their departments but also representing the Blue...

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Latino Police Officer’s Association Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016

Members of Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Nebraska II recently braved colder temps in support of the Latino Police Officer’s Association Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  With over 30,000 eggs spread across Spring Lake park and thousands of eager children ready to pick them up the event was a huge success! Nebraska II help with the event by donating a bicycle, helmet, and bike look. During the event members were thanked by the event coordinators and also by the Mayor of Omaha Jean Stothert, Senator Nicole Fox, and Retired BGen Don Bacon, former Commander of the 55th Wing. Members had the chance to talk in depth with these individuals and give them a good understanding of the Blue Knights.  We were extremely Honored to see that not only had they liked our Facebook but added comments and photos of the Blue Knights to their Facebooks as well.  Nebraska II thanks you for your support to the community and Law...

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